Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Things are underway and I'm starting to feel better already.  I won't admit how frequently I was hitting up the $1 snack bin at work and indulging in a candy bar.  Now I have enough healthy snacks at work that I don't feel the need.  I have been tracking through MyFitnessPal and have been under my calorie goal every day.  I'm actually wondering if I need to eat more, I'm not hungry but I've had a few nights under my calorie goal after having a beer/glass of wine.  It's amazing how much more I can eat while staying under my calorie goal when I'm eating fruits and veggies.  I've now been a week and a half without unhealthy sweets, and I can't say I'm missing them.  Trying to fit in fitness is a challenge, but small steps count, right? Last night we worked in the garden for a couple hours, and today I went for a short walk at lunch.  I will be planning better going forward though - a short walk still should involve sneakers, not flip-flops!

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