Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Things are underway and I'm starting to feel better already.  I won't admit how frequently I was hitting up the $1 snack bin at work and indulging in a candy bar.  Now I have enough healthy snacks at work that I don't feel the need.  I have been tracking through MyFitnessPal and have been under my calorie goal every day.  I'm actually wondering if I need to eat more, I'm not hungry but I've had a few nights under my calorie goal after having a beer/glass of wine.  It's amazing how much more I can eat while staying under my calorie goal when I'm eating fruits and veggies.  I've now been a week and a half without unhealthy sweets, and I can't say I'm missing them.  Trying to fit in fitness is a challenge, but small steps count, right? Last night we worked in the garden for a couple hours, and today I went for a short walk at lunch.  I will be planning better going forward though - a short walk still should involve sneakers, not flip-flops!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Eating out is tough!

This weekend Hubs will be gone at Air Force drill so it's a girls weekend here. Before he left the three of us met at Chili's for dinner and boy was I glad I looked at the nutritional menu before going! I almost always get the Cajun chicken pasta and it has more calories than I should be eating in an entire day. I ordered off their light menu and had a 6 oz steak and broccoli and stayed under 300 calories. We did order queso but I didn't eat too much and still stayed at my daily calorie goal.

This weekend could be challenging with Hubs gone, but I'm going to hit up the farmers market tomorrow so I can stay healthy.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Night 1 complete

Got my workout in tonight! I have the Slim in 6 DVD set from many moons ago and decided to break that our again. I lost weight and inches last time I did it and stuck with it so I figured why not do it again. Every other week Hubby works until 8 so I'm on parent duty, which means the gym isn't an option on these nights. Trying to figure out healthy eating is tricky these weeks. I like to wait for him, but that means eating so late. Little doesn't eat all the same food as we do so nights when he works late she ends up getting a special meal.

Anyway, night one complete, before pictures taken, and tomorrow remembering my fitbit!

Taking the plunge

I've officially decided to take the plunge and make my weight loss journey official.  I am hereby declaring that by my next birthday (June 3, 2015) I will be down at least 40 pounds.  This is a lofty goal, but I need to do it.

My Why:
1) Miss Little - my little girl is the number one reason I need to get healthy.  I do not ever want her to look at me and be embarassed or concerned for my health.  I want to ride on fair rides with her without wondering if we will both fit.  I want to practice sports with her.  I want to be an example for her on what a healthy life looks like.

2) Myself - I need to do this for me.  I fear if I continue on my current path I will end up sick.  I want to be healthy enough to enjoy life.  I deserve healthy. 

3) My Better Half - I want to go old with my amazing husband and I want him to grow old with me.  This journey will not be one I take alone, but one we walk together.

My How:
This is still TBD, but determination will be key.  I anticipate calorie counting will be important, at least when starting out.  I know I am more likely to succeed if I am being accountable.  Finding time to exercise will be essential to my success.  If anyone has any tips on things that have worked great for them, please share with me.

"You are not a dog, don't reward yourself with food."  - unknown